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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Austin, TX

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About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our last two teeth usually develop in the later adolescent are known as wisdom teeth. Positioned in the rear ends of each arch, wisdom teethalso referred to as the third molars often lack adequate space to comfortably grow in, are hard to keep healthy, and may need removal to preserve overall dental health. Wisdom teeth might be impacted (stuck beneath the gums or jaw), misaligned, or unable to emerge all the way, causing many oral conditions.D.M.D. Misato Fukuda provides third molar extractions for Austin, TX people to restore oral wellness and protect against malocclusion and decay. When you or your teen have troublesome or ingrown wisdom teeth, arrange an exam at Meadows Dental Care to find out about your care options.

Are You a Candidate? for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Typically, third molar removals are done for people in high school or college. Not all patients' molars will definitively need removal; however, having impacted wisdom teeth in the mouth might lead to additional potential dental complications in the long run. may suggest wisdom teeth extraction for individuals who experience:

  • Decay on the wisdom teeth or patients who have difficulty the wisdom teeth plaque-free
  • Insufficient room for problem-free tooth emergence
  • The development of a growth on the neck
  • Periodontal irritation (pericoronitis), facial swelling, or TMJ pain
  • Tightly spaced teeth
  • Completely or partially impacted?third molars under the gums or bone

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Meadows Dental Care carries out third molar removals the individual under mild anesthesia. However, this treatment can also be combined with sedation dentistry to ensure relaxation. Many instances of wisdom teeth removal need an excision method, especially when the teeth are ingrown, have misshapen roots, or are strongly situated in the jawbone. Once creates an opening in the gums to get to the impacted molar, She might split it into a few parts, which offers an easier extraction. Based on your personal situation, all four of the wisdom teeth may be extracted in the same appointment. Sutures may be placed to defend the extraction areas and encourage the healing process. Our incredibly skilled staff will provide you with post-op directions to follow for the following days.

Recovery Following Oral Surgery

Those who get additional forms of sedation to stay comfortable throughout their surgery will have to be accompanied by a reliable friend to take them home safely. For the initial few days, it's vital to avoid spitting, drinking with a straw, having high or low temperature meals and liquids, and to fully cease using tobacco and using e-cigs. These actions will probably detach the blood clot in your removal area and lead to a disorder known as "dry socket." It is not uncommon to have cheek swelling and aching after third molar extractions, which could be lessened with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and cold packs held against the jaw area. We will provide you with tips to allow you to take care of your gums during recovery and schedule a check-in visit to assess your surgical sites while they recover.

Other Extraction Types

In some situations, types of teeth other than the wisdom teeth have to be removed to improve oral health. These scenarios often relate to serious cavities, cracked teeth, advanced jawbone deterioration, or teeth that simply cannot be restored. Younger patients may require extractions to address stubborn baby teeth or to begin orthodontic procedures. While always hopes to save natural teeth, the preferred approach for several dental conditions may be a removal.

Are Extractions Covered by Insurance?

Advanced surgeries, such as tooth extractions, may be covered by specific dental insurance programs. Still, some sedation treatments might not be paid for. Our billing coordinator will go over your insurance plan and let you know of any leftover out-of-pocket costs prior to the day of your procedure. Meadows Dental Care accepts various kinds of dental financing, as well as a wide selection of payment approaches.

FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

#1: What happens if you don’t remove wisdom teeth?

If they do not grow in properly or have enough room in the mouth, wisdom teeth can cause dental problems including damage to surrounding teeth and jaw, development of cysts, inflamed/infected gums, tooth decay (cavities), alignment issues, or sinus problems.

#2: What are the symptoms that wisdom teeth should be extracted?

Symptoms of wisdom teeth that should be extracted include pain, tenderness, swelling around the gums, discharge if there is an abscess or infection, or if you can see it partially poking through the gums behind the second molar.

#3: At what age do people get wisdom teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens to early twenties. There are some instances where wisdom teeth develop as a pre-teen or older adult.

#4: What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth is considered impacted if there is not enough room in the mouth after the second molar for the wisdom tooth to emerge and develop normally. The tooth is then considered trapped or impacted.

#5: What is the recovery period for wisdom teeth extractions?

It usually takes approximately 7-10 days to recover from wisdom tooth extraction surgery., Some patients may experience shorter or longer recovery times depending on how their body heals.

#6: Will there be swelling after wisdom teeth are removed?

It is normal to experience some swelling, minor pain, and bruising after wisdom tooth extractions. The swelling will improve after a few days. You can use ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers to manage your symptoms.

#7: What can I eat after wisdom teeth extraction?

Immediately following surgery, it is recommended to start with clear liquids, without the use of a straw. If this is tolerated, you may be able to move to a dairy-based diet, such as ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, or pudding. Eventually, you can progress to soft foods such as apple sauce, mashed potatoes, pasta, or scrambled eggs. Avoid spicy foods, food with seeds, hard or chewy foods, acidic foods and drinks.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions Preserve Your Health and Smile

Misato Fukuda is proud to perform wisdom tooth extractions to ensure the future health of your family's teeth. This advanced dental treatment is frequently done for Austin, TX patients and may be needed in the case that comfortable tooth eruption is not probable or different issues exist. To get more facts about wisdom tooth removal, reach out to us for an assessment at Meadows Dental Care today.

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